The partners of Escape Racism project attended the third transnational project meeting virtually hosted by the hungarian partner, on the 8th of June 2021.

The pandemic has undoubtedly hampered the activities of the project, but the partners have always been united in finding concrete solutions to overcome the obstacles of the distance and continue with their work. During the meeting all the managerial aspects were discussed and a state of art of the project was presented. In this phase each partner shared its work on the creation of the educational escape rooms. One scenario for each partner has already been created and the testing phase is going to start very soon!

After many months during which the consortium has worked to realise interesting educational games to get young people interested and closer to topics such as racism, bullying and discrimination, the moment in which we will share our work is very near!

Useful materials for youth workers are being developed with the aim to deliver new educational tools to raise awareness about sensitive topics related to racism.

For this reason we invite you to follow the project social pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to be updated and to know when new interesting opportunities for youngsters will be available for the community!