Our partner CEIPES joined the 2022 edition of the “SETTIMANA ANTIRAZZISTA (e oltre)’’ together with other local and national realities, promoted and supported by Razzismo Brutta Storia and UNAR (National Antidiscrimination Office).

On Thursday 31 March, CEIPES hosted the event CEIPESCAPE RACISM  Escape from Stereotypes, an entire morning dedicated to the dialogue with the boys and girls of the High School ”Pio La Torre” of Palermo, to deepen the theme of racism and tools to actively counter it.

Students had the opportunity to try the educational escape room, developed as part of the ESCAPE RACISM (project number: 2019-2-IT03-KA205-016906), where different puzzles have been used as informal tools to generate awareness on the topic of being victims of racism and discrimination.

Concurrently with the escape room, musical performance workshops were held on ‘The Power of Music – Music as a universal language and tool for integration‘. The workshop used music as an educational and inclusive tool for individual expression and creativity, but also as a means of communication and confrontation between individuals of different cultures, to build bridges and raise awareness of tolerance and develop a sense of community.

It was an important moment of inspiration and confrontation focused on the discussion of diversity and differences in perspectives.