The journey of Escape Racism – Toolbox for inclusive communities, strategic partnership came to an end but not its fight against racism and discrimination around Europe. 

Started in January 2020, the project ended on 30th June 2022, delivering to the public and its stakeholders three main valuable results: Escape Racism Kit, a Handbook, and a practical toolkit for youth workers to know more about the educational escape room methodology and the Playful learning approach and to replicate the 10 different scenarios or creating new ones.

The pilot phase evaluation report put together the qualitative and quantitative data collected by the partners during the testing phase with youth workers and youth with fewer opportunities. And the Open Educational Resource online platform where young people and youth workers can freely explore the 5 sensitive topics of the project: racism and discrimination, birders, modern slavery, disability, and bullying, benefit from the video tutorial on each topic and the 10 video tutorials on how to realize the scenarios of escape racism educative escape rooms.

All the materials inside the website are downloadable for free and can be read in 4 different languages (English, Italian, Spanish and Hungarian).

Each result was a step toward the building of inclusive communities inside the cities of the consortium. It was possible thanks to the growing involvement of the associated partners, stakeholders, youth workers, educators, and trainers that works in the fields of human rights and anti-discrimination and young people from different background as NEETs, migrants, or from rural areas, youth with disability, Roma, youths in general that are interested to develop new skills in the human right protection and racism prevention and would like to experience a new adventure through the use of escape rooms. 

The consortium warmly invites you to visit the project social network (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and try the amazing escape room scenarios to fight racism and be a more aware citizen!