On the 31st of March the last test of the second scenario of our Escape Room – which title is “Exodus from the space” – took place in CEIPES office in Palermo, Sicily.

CEIPES joined the 2022 edition of the “SETTIMANA ANTIRAZZISTA (e oltre)’’ together with other local and national realities, promoted and supported by Razzismo Brutta Storia and UNAR (National Antidiscrimination Office). Lots of local association and organizations arranged meetings, webinars, peaceful demonstration, and other activities to sensitize people about discrimination, racism and how to prevent and fight these phenomena.

During this last test, we involved students within 17 and 18 years old of the institute of higher education “Pio La Torre”, based in Palermo, with the enthusiastic participation of professors Maria Teresa Varvaro and Claudia Bruno, who accompanied the students and participated in the activities showing great involvement.

For this last test of the second scenario, four different groups worked to defy time (and their classmates) to solve riddles and puzzles and get out of the room. Unfortunately, none of them managed to cross the finish line, but they came very close to find the “key” of the whole story.

During the day, we had the opportunity to observe different groups setting up different dynamics in order to leave the room as quickly as possible. Each group was different from the others and different kinds of cooperation and collaboration were established, to maximize everyone’s potential. Students founded their balance inside the group, interacting with others and with the elements of the story.

As usual, the whole experience was followed by half an hour of debriefing.

We asked for their opinion, about the games and the whole story, if they could find any resemblance between the plot and the reality they live in every day, if they have ever experienced episodes of discrimination and racism, or if they have been witnesses of such situation. Thoughts and discussion that follow were inspiring and stimulating.

The testing phase is officially finished, but the results achieved will benefit our community for generations and will be exploited in other contexts and occasions.