Támaszpont MOPKA


Támaszpont MOPKA (Támaszpont Public Foundation of Mental Health, Education and Prevention) is a foundation established in 2011 in Veresegyház, Hungary.

Our Mission

The main goal of Támaszpont MOPKA is 

To empower youth to achieve their fullest potential and to participate in every possible aspect of life.

Connected to the goal our main activities are: 

  • Preventional activities 
  • Transmission / transfer of basic human values 
  • Maintaining a low-threshold community space 
  • Support international mobilities 
  • Advocacy 
Our Vision
  • It is important for us to preserve the physical and mental health of youngsters 
  • General human values are important for us such as tolerance, solidarity, empathy, acceptance and inclusion, equal opportunities, partnership, openness, diversity, active citizenship, self-knowledge, self-reflection, assertiveness, culture of debate, constructiveness 
  • We are providing safe and quality forms of leisure time activities, providing information on topics affecting young people, and ensuring the continuous availability of our professional staff. 
  • We are supporting youth to learn about the wider world / environment, multicultural learning and learning about different perspectives and habits, and also to evolve self-sufficiency and a proper self-knowledge. 
  • An important part of our work is to assess the needs of young people, to reflect on them and to communicate them to decision-makers.

Contact details


Country Hungary
Name of the institution Támaszpont MOPKA
Address 2112 Veresegyház, Kútfő utca 38.
Telephone +36703319921
Contact person Zsófia Rácz
E-mail zsofi.racz@tamaszpont.net
Website https://www2.tamaszpont.net/
Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/TamaszpontMOPKA/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/tamaszpont.mopka/