The web platform will digitalize all the contents produced during the project, such as the contents of the Toolkit, providing free online educational materials to trainers and educators. It will be contitued by video tutorials recorded during the pilot phase by the partners that will easily show to the public the procedures to work with this innovtive tool.

Among the main objectives of the web platform:

• To provide learners and participants an open educational resources related to the main topic of the project;

• To provide access to main information and space where all the necessary tools for use from target groups will be deployed;

• To boost capacities and competences among youth education organisations and staff and target group;

• To promote a peer-to-peer approach among participants and learners, through discussions, exchange of views and challenges shared with othercolleagues from other European countries, thus strengthen their engagement in advocacy actions at their level of intervention(local/regional/national).

The use of new technologies will ensure a wider impact and dissemination other than sustainability of project results. The video tutorials will help in raising awareness on the main topic of the proposal, whilst bringing together learners and participants from different European countries and stimulating a deep exchange among them. The platform will contribute to the professionalisation ofthe learners (mainly youth workers, NEETs, migrant, youth with disabilities) and their organisations, as well as to the development of new advocacy actions at different level (local/regional/national). The e-learning platform represent a valid tool for youth workers and young people as they can acquire the necessary skills and competences from their places, by distance e-learning.