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Virtual Escape Room Catalogue

The Escape Room Catalogue contains a range of free to use escape room kits for you to download and utilise to set up your own Escape Room experiences. The Escape Rooms are categorised into five separate topics: Racism & Discrimination, Bullying, Disability, Modern Slavery, and Borders. Information about each of the topics covered within the Escape Racism curriculum is provided, including overviews of the topics and important themes which surround them.

Each of the topics has at least two Escape Rooms associated with them. All of the Escape Rooms are provided with a kit, including some materials that can be used to play the games, and guides detailing the games background stories, additional materials that you will require to play them, and how these materials connect together to create the Escape Room experience. Advice is also given on how to set up and run the Escape Rooms for yourselves.

Whilst each of the Escape Rooms is intended to be an educational tool, covering some very serious subject matter, we hope that you and your players not only learn some important facts or skills related to the covered topics, but also have fun whilst building and playing them.


Racism & Discrimination

Bullying Image



Modern Slavery


Guide to the Resources

Below is a brief guide to help you navigate the Escape Racism topics and their respective open educational resources.

Each Escape Racism topic page contains an introductory video, a written description of the topic, and a list of the sub-topics covered within the accompanying escape room resources.

In addition, you can find contact information for the project partners who designed the escape room activities, should you wish to contact them regarding the resources.

Each topic includes links to the corresponding escape room resources. Click on the image links to visit the escape room page where you’ll find a written introduction, a video demonstration, a list of objectives and key take-aways, and a toolkit section with additional materials. More on that below…

Each escape room resource includes a toolkit section. In the toolkit you will find a ‘how-to guide’ to help you recreate and deliver the escape room activity.

In addition to the how-to guide, you will find a selection of digital materials that support the delivery of the escape room resource. These materials can be downloaded and/or printed for use within the escape room activity.