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Disability, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) is a set of limitations in activity resulting from physiological impairments. However, currently it is accepted that disability is not only determined by personal factors, but also contextual.

The interaction between personal limitations and barriers that the environment presents is what determines disability, that is to say, the obstacle which the people encounter for their complete and active participation in so

Sub-topics Covered

Accessibility – The universal accessibility is the condition that contexts need to have so that every person is able to access to it, regardless of their form of movement, displacement or communication.

Inclusion – it is a thinking model which believes in human diversity and tries to adapt the context to the needs of the individuals who take part in it, regardless of their abilities or disabilities.

Discrimination – It is the different and harmful treatment towards people with disabilities of any kind. It is a social and individual behaviour which rejects and denies human diversity and is very damaging to society.

Barriers – These are the obstacles which people with disabilities face everyday. They can be physical, communication, attitude, social and political. The elimination of barriers is key to achieving real inclusion.

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