After the successful pilot testing phase of the first scenario, the moment has come to test the second and last scenario of our escape room: “Exodus to the space”.

As for the first one, even in this phase of the project, youngsters and youth workers were involved not only to solve games and puzzles to manage to go out of the room, but also to provide their feedbacks on the topic and the organization of this new scenario.

Each group that tested the game showed different dynamics among components. Depending on the group participants, each sample could solve specific puzzles instead of others.  

However, for all the groups who took part in the pilot phase, cooperation was the most important element to overcome obstacles.


The implementation of this scenario allowed the evolution of the first one: indeed, while the previous was about racism and discrimination, this one is about the difficulties people encounter to obtain a permit of stay in a new country and the prejudices they are victims of.

A crucial part of this pilot phase was the debriefing meeting, where the escape room creators and the participants could have a space to discuss the activity, talking about which elements could be improved or changed in order to provide a better and more useful experience.


Interesting reflections came up, about the obstacles for people who obtain a permit of stay to really benefit from their rights or about the communication strategy used by mass media which reinforce stereotypes against people who decide to migrate for whatever reason.


The testing phase is almost finished, but the results achieved will benefit our community for generations.