Objectives of the output:
• To test the training kit methodology developed within the IO1 together with the escape room material and facilities;
• To provide learners and participants with innovative tools aimed to improve their skills and competences in the field of education and racism prevention;
• To boost capacities and competences among organisations and staff and target group;

The format of the output (pilot course) is in line with the innovative approach of the proposal, aiming at creating innovative tools and non-formal education methods for youth workers and youngster in general. The pilot phase will ensure validation of the methodology developed under the KIT and can represent the starting point for the sustainability of project results. Another innovative feature of the output is the combination of games (like clues, mystery and escape room) and non-formal educative methods will be tested in this phase.

Finally, a deep exchange of information and experience will be generated to contribute to the professionalisation of the learners and the organisations part of the project too.

The Pilot Phase will have a strong direct impact on:
• Youth workers, youth educators and trainers, that will acquire new knowledge on the main topic of the project, and new skills that will support their professionalisation;
• Staff organisations, that will go through a capacity building process, ensured by empowerment of their learners.